Need Help** Where do I put the roost??*PICS*


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Ok here is the challenge, I am almost finished building the coup but cant figure out where to put the roost. The coup- Nest box on the backside, window and door to the run for chicken on the front side, and doors on both of the sides. So where to put the roost and what to use (thinking a 2x4) please any ideas would be loved.
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I also need some advise on ventilation. I am concerned about drafts, and want to know how to have ventilation and be able to keep the coup warm and snug.
you should use 2x4 for the roosts & I would run them across the coop in front of the window & door.

Vents could be made from your window. Just replace the glass with hardware cloth in hot weather & use the glass in cold. Should be just fine. Remember chickens are covered in feathers & they do a good job of managing in the cold. The heat on the other hand will get them so a few drafts in the winter are not so much a worry as too much heat in the summer.
I too, am in the process of building my first coop, and by no means am I an expert, but from what I've been reading and learned here on this site, Chickens will basically roost at the highest possible level that is made available to them.
Everyone seems to say to place the roost's as high as possible in the coop.
So in your case, I'd guess that you just need to consider the sizes of your fully grown birds, and place the roost accordingly, so that they have enough "Headroom".

I'm sure others will be able to chime in and correct me if I'm not on the right track here.
Is your roof going to be flat across the top? If so, it looks like you won't have clearance to put the roost above the doors. If you decide to gable the roof, you could probably mount the roost above the doorways, but be careful with the ventilation placement then -- you don't want cold air blowing on the chickens while they're sleeping at night.

Here's an idea: Maybe consider building a "removable" roost with a 2x4 leg on each side, a 2x4 across the top, all mounted to a plywood rectangular base. You could even make the base with a ledge around it and voila - a poop catcher! I don't know how many chickens you will have, but if necessary it could be as long as your coop is. Build it small enough that it could come out of the doorway for cleaning. Or better still, build your roof so that it's hinged and can be lifted open.

Hope this helps.
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The roost could either go acroos the box and parallel/closer to the side w/ window and popdoor at a height above them both... OR

It could go above the nest boxes across to above the popdoor, though this is the shorter of the 2 options. Hope that helps, but try to keep the roost higher than the nestboxes.
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Yeah...if your roof is flat, it doesn't look like you'd have clearance (head room) in front of the window due to the people access door. I'm thinking like citychook. You may need to build a roost platform. There are several ways you could do that. Or, if your roof is flat, you could attach (suspend) the roost from the roof, making sure you hang it low enough so that the chickens would have head room...
It would help to know the size of you "coop" . A roost can be a 2x2 inch. From what I can tell you don't have much room for a roost or are you only going to have 3 birds. Chickens like to roost at the highest possible place and need room to jump down.
One problem I do see is the "foam" insulation. You need to cover it up as the chickens will peck it all to pieces.
2x4" are not necessary with the length of your coop. Cut them in half and use the 2x2 be sure to round the top edges and remove any sharp or splintered areas. This will help to keep the birds feed free of injury. Mine have been 4 to 8 feet long, but on the 8 footers I supported them on both sides at 1 1/2 feet from the end of the roost.

Good Luck

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