Need help with cornish x.....

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    My friend has meat birds getting a large hole on the side of their butt and then dying? Like it looks like the skin split open and its insides were coming out but nothing got into the pen. She says this is the second one and another is laying down. Not wanting to walk. Just kind of blah acting. It's only a week or so until processing time.
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    A picture of this would be helpful. Could the chickens be pecking each other? Meat birds are very prone to leg deformities which can affect their ability to walk, but I haven't heard of this type problem, unless it would be a vent prolapse. Fly strike from maggots invading the skin near the vent can cause serious injury and infection to the skin. Maybe others will see this and chime in, but here are some links about vent prolapse and flystrike just in case either may be the problem:

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