Need help with COST of chickens killed by dog!!

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    I have searched on here, looking for a several-years-old post which contained a cost breakdown of poultry losses. I cannot find it and need it (or something similar) for an itemized bill. Can anyone help me locate this?? I believe it was from a University (perhaps Iowa or Illinois) and it was perfect! It detailed the cost of the feed that would have gone into getting a bird to a certain age, the loss of eggs, etc. I would really appreciate any help or leads on locating this again!

    Yesterday afternoon I found my neighbor's pit bull and their smaller terrier dog INSIDE my chicken run, killing my birds. I've lost four turkeys and ten laying hens which were less than one year old. I operate an egg business, and this will severely impact my income from it. In Texas, the owner of the attacking dog is responsible for losses, including lost income, which I will be charging them.

    I shot the pit bull, but it did run off of my property. I went straight to my neighbors, with a dead turkey in tow, to tell them what happened. They were understanding, and have agreed to pay for my losses. I haven't spoken with them today yet, but as of 8pm there were still out looking for the dog.
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    I feel your pain. Last month I lost 9 egg laying hens to neighbors dogs ( In Oglesby, TX ). They managed to get into my fenced yard and get back out, so I didn't catch them in the act. I one of the dead chickens in my back pasture because I knew they would come back. Sure enough I caught them a few days later. Since I didn't catch them in the act of killing I really can't make them pay.

    I go through a 50 lb bag of scratch grains ($11.00) in 2 weeks for 12 chickens. Figure an egg per day for each chicken and the price per x 12 chickens= 1 dozen a week @ $3.75. That's how I would figure.
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    $20-$25 per chicken. Started pullets average $10 -$20 per chicken plus the shipping.Not sure on the cost of the egg loss.

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