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May 24, 2020
Hi all! I am new here, and new to back yard birds. May 6th our 4 chicks & 2 ducks were hatched, and they are still in their brooders in our garage - but I can see they are going to need their coops and run setup ASAP.

I ordered a stock tank for the duck pool, but now I am having second thoughts as I am not sure how easy it will be to clean.

I got a dog house I thought we could modify to house the ducks, but now it is seeming too small.

Help! Should we try to build something? What is a good setup for 2 ducks & 4 chicks?

I tried to sketch something - but I don’t even know how to build what I drew. My husband is pretty handy, but limited on time.


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I am setting up my ducks space too. Looks like we both got the same stock tank.

I found this and think it helps.

I have 7 ducks so built a duck house.

For my tank I have the plug kit, adaptors to hook up a ball valve and pipe to take water out and away so I don't make a fun (gross) mud pit for them to get dirty in.

This link is to my build. As we set up the pool I will be taking pics and posting. Follow along if you want to see what we do.
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