need help with leg on new chick

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Yesterday I bought a two week old silkie chick with a problem leg/foot. The breeder said it was born with a gimp leg. I looked at the leg and it does not appear to be broken but it's leg may be a little thicker around than the other one. It's foot is curled up and inward and it won't put any weight on it's leg. It is hopping around on one foot, eating, drinking and seems like a strong little chick. Is there any exercises that I can do with it's leg that might help? I was wondering if I could try using a band aid like people use for spraddle leg or splint it. Any ideas? I'd really like to try and help this poor chick. Thanks!

    I took the chick to a friend's house that has experience with leg issues and she is going to try and help the chick.[​IMG]
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