Need help with my defective automatic door opener

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    Feb 13, 2013
    We ordered a automatic door opener. Paid $125 for it. We had emailed to find out how fast they ship as we needed the door urgently, took 2 days to get a response. When we recieved it we noticed it was missing a screw, the front little decorative cover was falling off. We installed it . Seemed to work fine. Two days later our string that pulls the door up breaks, I fix it but can't get the receptors to work. Call my FIL he comes over, same thing. Opens it up and the white plastic needle that holds the gear for the receptors was broken.
    It is not something we can fix. We notice there are screws missing in the motor, but shows wear, so there was screws in there before.
    And there is a crack in it
    How can this be a new unit they sent me? I quickly emailed Monday AM, including pics and details, trying to see how we can fix this situation. They finally got back to me today. Said I could send it back and use my waranty for the motor and they would ship a new one out when they received it. So I have to pay shipping to them and use my warranty, well what if I get another crappy motor and need to use the waranty? I'm out because I already shipped one in? Why am I having to pay shipping on a defective product? I have left my number 4 times for them to call, but they refuse. I asked if they could respond faster then 48hours to each of my emails and they said they were answering in a timely matter.They said I couldn't return the entire product unless it's in it's original state, which it was used almost two days. They said I caused the pin to break because I didn't set the receptors correctly. They were set, but the needle was broken and the gear wasn't working. What do I do? I'm so frustrated.
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    Jun 18, 2013
    I have the same one luckily mine has worked flawlessly for almost 2 years, I would send it back nomatter many times it takes to get a good one, the warr should cover each one they send.

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