need help with my quails eggs


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Mar 27, 2016
hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can order quail eggs and other bird eggs online for cheap also i recently bought a still air incubator and im trying to find out what temp and humidity to keep my corntix quails eggs at also what day should i take them out of of the turner thank you for any help
I keep my eggs between 99-101 and 40% humidity until about day 14 when I take them out of the turner and raise the humidity to about 60%
Their should be a tray to add water to raise it and to decrease it crack the top open for about 30 seconds and it should go down
thank you for ur help as thi is my first time using an incubator are quail eggs pretty easy to hatch and do or do they require alil bit of practice experinece
am i able to throw the eggs in as soon as its ready or should i wait a couple of hours before i put them in
I would wait a couple hours to make sure that the incubator stays steady and store them pointy side down until you put them in
hi after they hatch what type of ight heating do they need and how long of a day do they need to be under the light thanks again for all the help

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