Need Help with New Silkie chicks....DIRTY BOTTOMS


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Jul 31, 2007
i have clipped some of the down away from their buts,but it seams like everyday,i have to dip their bottom into warm water,and wash the little poopies off their buts....its been along time since i have had chicks...And another thing,i noticed when they are all laying and warming themselves they all every second shake their little heads,does this mean they have mites?i haven't seen any.....can i use that humane grade earth stuff and put it on them,or are they too young? they were a week old today.... thanks in advance.
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I wouldn't use de on them. Do they have any discharge out of their nose or are they sneezing? How are they acting besides that? Please fill out the sticky in this section so that people have background on your second question. Have you put oil on their butts to help with the sticking?

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