Need help with picking a tree to buy.

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    My best friend called me and asked me if I wanted to purchase some trees. I asked her what kind of trees and she said oak tree, pine tree or sycamore tree. I asked her how much were these trees. She said that they trees cost anywhere from $0.10 to $1.50. [​IMG] I asked her who was selling the trees and she said the local Ag Center was selling the trees. Well, being as though, I NOTHING about trees, plants or any other type of greenery, I told her yes. [​IMG]. I thought the price was inexpensive. Now mind you, these trees are very small. But my problem is......being as though I know nothing about trees, I have no idea what kind of trees to tell her that I want. Which of the 3 trees should I get from her and how many? I guess I could plant these on the line of my property. [​IMG]
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    ANYTHING but pine
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    sycamore trees grow fast, need lots of space and will give you wonderful lovely shade...until fall, then you will have a lot of huge plate sized leaves to rake and get rid of. It is like a sheet of paper, so if you are up to the volume, one ten cent tree should do you. I enjoyed our one tree growing up. I have not enjoyed my neighbors eight trees as a grown up.

    It depends on the pines and the oaks. Shumard oaks are great, and if they offer them, then by all means stock up. If it is water oak... I would pass.
    Find out more information and understand that you are getting saplings. a long thin stick that will need more room to grow than it looks like.

    I am all for trees, and at that price you can transplant them or cut them down if you planned it wrong.
    Look up when you plant. keep them away from power lines and roof lines. You do not want that ten cent tree costing you a arm and a leg when it is in need of trimming or cutting down.

    have fun! a tree is exciting business! [​IMG]
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    anything you get will take years to grow.. they are probably seedlings 6-8" tall.. think about what will fit your area that you want a tree in and what grows well in your area..
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    As noted, the Sycamore grows fast, has a nice canopy and sheds a ton of leaves. Don't know about the PH of the composted leaves...Oak and pine, both produce an acidic compost....Depending on the oak, many of them hold their leaves until spring...Many people have a problem with pines....Just don't park your car under them...Dripping sap is a mess and a green pinecone, cut off, by a squirrel, can destroy a windshield..I find pines to have a beauty of their own.

    On the upside for pine, it's a major timber producer, in the south. A few acres, in twenty years, could net tens of thousands of dollars.
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    Sycamores can lead to worsening allergies in many people. Some pines produce copious pollen and sap. There are so many different pines and oaks, some are prettier or more useful than others. Check the type carefully before buying. You may be better off paying more for something you really enjoy. I plant a lot of trees and shrubs but tend toward fruit or flowering types from reputable nurseries. These usually cost more but many times are better quality and grow faster or produce more quickly! I've planted apple, pear, cherry, peach(many, my favorite), Pecan, persimmon, pink dogwood, redbud, etc.
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    Quote:Oh I wholeheartedly agree. I another 50 years there won't be any other kind of tree in the south at the rate the timber companies are going.
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    May 6, 2009
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    My wife reminded me to mention that there are many nurseries that offer guaranties and will replace a tree if it dies for any reason.
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    Be careful not to plant where the roots can interfere with sewer or septic pipes. Oaks have huge root systems. Pines tend to do well in dryer climates. They don't require much water. Of course if you are in La. water isn't a concern. See what kind of soil you have. All trees do differently in different soils. There's lots of info on line for trees.
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    If it's from a local ag center, they probably would all do well in your area. Keep in mind that these are probably seedlings. Any weed competition will probably kill them so it won't be a thing of 'plant it and sit back and wait'. See if you can find what variety they have, and research it from there. Personally, I prefer to pay more and get something that I actually want.

    Like 3ggodeggs wrote, look up and look around before planting. When we moved here there were a few trees that I wanted taken out, DH and the kids accused me of being a tree hater and the trees are still there. One was a cute little spruce with a power line overhead and fruit trees about 15 feet away on either side. 20 years later, it's a beautiful big spruce, very close to the lines and overtaking the fruit trees. NOW Dh says it needs to come out.

    Plan carefully, research what you are planting, and nurture it while it's small and establishing it's root system. And take the time to enjoy them, trees are great!

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