Need help with puppy training?? Advice PLEASE!!!

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  1. chickon baby

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    Mar 26, 2009
    st charles
    Some of you may remember my DD bringing home a blk lab pup that was dumped.The vet said she was close to 4 mos,according to her teeth.She was under her weight n appeared to have been abused.Well she is now 5 mos,has all her shots and very healthy. pottied trained
    2.does on command;sit,paw,down n up
    3..Plays well w/other dogs
    4.She jumps up and puts her paws on the counters;stealing my dish towels.I have scolded her w/out success
    5.DS didnt push kitchen chair in and she went from the chair onto kitchen table.I came back into the rm,scolded her n ds took her down(nothing was even on the table)
    NEED HELP W/STAY,come and CHEWING!!!!!!
    For the stay;I have had her sit,put my flat hand infront of her saying stay n walking backwards..She will stay for 3 of my steps..Ive done this over n over..n success.She has even run out the door and doesnt listen to come all the time.Inside,she does but if in the yard,she will keep running.Its been years since Ive done this puppy thing...WHAT ELSE CAN I DO????
    Im very patient and I use a firm strong voice for the "no" I also praise her n give her treats n kisses for the "good girl"( I am irritated w/d.d who did a good thing bringing her home,but now w/school n work her time is limited..She of course thinks the friend time is more important than"puppy time/responsibility.)I however can NOT give her away,she is a sweet baby.Yes Ive shared this w/D.D. and she has tried harder to help w/pup.,She is paying the vet bills too and the spade which is next mos

    For the chewing part;

    I have given her chew toys and raw hides a plenty.She has chewed my wash room molding and several other things.When left, it is a short time frame n is left w/other dogs who dont do any chewing.Plenty of toys..(NO Crate) Asked DH to get ours from the rafters in the shed;no luck w/that yet..
    What else can I do for the chewing ????
    Thank you for advice
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    Jun 29, 2009
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    Training collars work wonders while training lab pups! They are not physically damaging and can be set at a low voltage... Labs can be hard willed and hard headed! The collar has a warning "beep" that lets hard head know that they are gonna get shocked if they don't obey commands! TSC sells a variety of makes and styles and expences... can be found on ebay, amazon and so on, well worth the investment for training!
  3. Countrywife

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    Aug 20, 2009
    Labs are chewers. Get a bunch of kongs and keep it busy. Put some hot sauce on the baseboard she is chewing, she will leave it alone.
  4. gypsy2621

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    Quote:favorite squeak toy.
    for some reason some dogs will call back to a squeak faster than voice or clicker.
    My Mal will basically ignore you telling him to come back but you squeak that favorite toy and he is right there.

    table and counter surfing scat mats, non electrical but cause a static charge when touched by their feet.

    chewing thats a hard one, I have tried everything and refuse to go muzzle. It would be an easy solution but I just cant do it. too many things can go wrong using them.

    Mine doesn't steal towels or such , but socks! everyone has to put socks in a closed bucket so he cant gt at them.

    Concidering her age you have made wonderfull strides with her.please keep in mind she is still a baby yet and is still learning.
    I have to keep reminding myself even though the Beast is a huge puppy he is just that, a puppy.
    Even though he can walk up and put his chin firmly onthe table top with out even having to lift his head.
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  5. SarahFair

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    For the chewing they sell this sour or bitter spray you can spray on things. Dogs hate it.

    For the stay just sit there with her. Have her lay down and tell her stay. After a few seconds tell her good dog!!! After a few times of you being right next to her start moving away 1 step at a time..
  6. allquackedup

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    Aug 9, 2009
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    Sit and stay are handled for short periods for pups. You really need to get the come command down and cemented. Your pups attention span is very short and only repition of all commands will be successful. When you do the stay pick a spot with no distractions. Set the dog give the command and only move away facing her. If she moves stop and place her back in the same spot teliing her NO!! STAY!! It will take time some dogs get it faster than others. You leghthen the area after she starts doing the task. Always praise when the task is done correctly never when she fails. My lab never chewed. Attention is what they crave. We gave him a beanie duck when he was little and he never chewed when we thought he was we just corrected him saying NO!! You have started a little late with this dog but nothing is not handled with time and patience. Labs love to please their masters. All people dealing with your pup need to reinforce your rules as well. Good Luck.
    MHO Master of a Chocolate Lab Troubles Tug Of War.
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    Jun 23, 2009
    First of all, use the crate.

    Get some Kongs. Make up some loaded kongs filled with a dog biscuit, some kibble, some peanut butter (just enough to hold things together and smell tasty), carrot shavings, bits of bread, whatever is a good treat. Put in a ziploc bag, and throw it in the freezer. When the pup goes in the crate, the pup gets a frozen kong. This will give her a chewing outlet and the crate will also become fun time.

    Make sure your pup gets a lot of exercise. A lot of bad pup behaviors start with boredom. Play fetch several times a day until she is worn out.

    Here's my fetch training:

    - Use two balls, not one. If you use a single ball, once the pup has it, fetch turns to chase, and you are the one getting trained.

    - Start with making the pup sit. Throw the ball a short distance, and release the pup with "OK!"
    - Once the pup has the ball, take out ball #2. Start tossing it a foot or so in the air and catching it. You are having a good time, you have the fun ball. Turn your back to the pup if you must, to reinforce this. The pup will want the ball you have ... call her to you, don't over do it, use the ball as the bait.
    - Make her sit, toss the ball, release with "OK!", and get ball #1 while she chases ball #2.

    Don't overdo the length of your throws here ... keep them short or she will get too spun up to train. Save some long tosses for the end, after training.

    Once you have this down, start calling "Fetch!" as she goes for the ball. She's gonna go get it anyway, but now she'll assoicate the command. Do the rest of the game as above.

    Eventually, she'll be coming back with ball #1 in her mouth, and will eventually drop it near you. Praise her, make her sit, cover the dropped ball with your foot, and toss ball #2 with "OK!" and send her off after it. Soon you can work "Droppit!" into the routine; it helps if she's going to anyway and you just anticipate a few times to start with.

    When she is doing this reliably, call "Bring!" as soon as she gets the ball in mouth.

    You should eventually get to "Sit!" ... throw ... OK! Fetch! .... Bring! ... Droppit! ... Sit! .... (repeat)

    The above helps in two ways. It gets her tired out, and it starts laying down some basic obedience.

    You can start working on the sit/stay with the ball, once she has "sit" down to get the ball, make her sit longer before you throw. If she breaks sit too soon, just say "No!" and turn away. Slowly make her hold the sit longer to earn a toss.

    You can also work on sit/stay or down/stay with food. I cut hot dogs into "chips", cutting small round slices. Microwave on a paper towel until they are bubbling, to cook some of the fat and moisture out. You should end up with round wafers of slighjtly dried/cooked hotdog. These will keep for quite a while in a jar in the 'fridge. You can use a pocketfull of these for training rewards. Food training helps with excitable pups, it is more calm than using the ball. Some of each generally works well, just not back-to-back!

    Make her sit. If you have issues with this, hold a closed fist with a hotdog chip in it, and move it above her head, moving backwards. The head goes up, the butt goes down. She sits. Praise her, "Good! GOod Sit!" and give her the chip. Make her hold sits longer to get the reward. If she breaks sit, say "No!" and simply start over.

    Once this is working reliably, make her hold sit while you slowly walk around her. If she holds, reward. If she breaks, say "No!" and make her start over. Eventually, you should be able to get her to hold a sit while you walk away, and then while you step out of sight behind a shrub or whatever.

    You can do the same with "down" ... hold the closed fist with the chip inside below nose level from a sit, and gently repeat "down" while coaxing her to go into a down position to get to sniff the fist with the chip inside. Praise her when she gets all the way to down, let her eat the chip from your hand while in the down position. You can then start working the down/stay like the sit/stay.

    Well trained dogs can hold a long down with the handler out of sight for 45 minutes! [​IMG]

    In all your training, keep it fun, and always quit while you are ahead. The key is successful repetition, and if you push on for too long, and she loses interest and slips back a bit, you're undoing quite a bit of your work. Be patient, do some each day.

    Hope this all helps!
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  8. wombat

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Oh ... for your come on command ....

    Once you get the sit/stay working with ball training, walk away from her.

    Call "HERE!" and show the ball, and she'll come running. Give it a very short toss ... 3' at most, as she approaches. Praise her. Get out ball #2, get her to give up #1 with "droppit!" and start another sit/stay.

    Walk away, stop, turn to her, repeat above.

    Once you have that working, call her when showing the ball, but don't toss it. As she approaches, command "SIT!" and make her sit in front of you. Praise "Good sit!", then toss the ball a short distance ... "OK!" ...

    and use ball #2, repeat as usual ...

    After that, it is on to using the ball or hotdog chips to work on walking at close heal.
  9. chickon baby

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    Mar 26, 2009
    st charles
    Thankyou all for the help.I will look into the collar thing for her.I do have several kongs.I put mini treats n peanut butter in them.It takes her 5 mins to get to the I will look for the scat at pets mart for my counters.I will also try working with her w/2 balls. Ive only used 1 and she does love to fetch and return.I really would like to find chew toys n squeeky toys that will HOLD up to puppy teeth.So far the kongs and braided rope is all that has lasted,her squeeky toys are all chewed up..I will try the sour stuff as she didnt mind hot sauce or the pepper.DH has to replace to corner decor on the molding,thought once he saw that he would hurry n get the crate.Maybe tomorrow he will get it down.I will keep working with her.She is a sweetie and does know"give kisses"..too cute.. thanks again for the help..
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    get an excersize pen and keep her in it when you can't give her your undivided attention

    remove the opportunity

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