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8 Years
May 24, 2011
Welsh La
Ok so my two week old quail are dying
so signs of struggle have Plenty of food and water they are just laying down and diein
Well the onlyother thing I noticed is that when I put the food out they didt run to chow down like the others and that's about it they looked fine beside just laying there and dyeing
did you hatch them yourself?
are they still in the brooder? if so, how often is it cleaned?
are they outside yet? if so, are they near any other animals?
what type of quails do you have?

region of the country might help out a little too.

gonna need more information from ya in order for anyone on here to help ya out, tho we are all willing!
I hatched them myself they are outside right now I live in the southeren part of Louisiana where it's been hot they are coutrix ( sorry for spellig) and the Only animals they've been near are chickens but they can't get to them there in a raised cage about 4 feet above ground
Really my neighbor did it and his are fine and haven't lost a one and it's been really hot so figured they wouldt be to cold maybe I was wrong
sounds like a heat problem, and humidity, i just moved my males outside today, they are about 4 weeks old now.

jj knows more about this but if it was me, i'd keep them indoors until 4 weeks, thats just what i do tho, if you want to keep them outside i have heard that putting STRAIGHT vit c in their water helps with the heat.

i use to do this, i just took one 500mg tablet crushed it down to powder(with like, the bottom of a shotglass smashing it) and just put it in their water, shake, stir to dissolve.

hope that helps
No now that would exPlain it I had hatch 7 quail put them outside and the died one a day and I didt think it was because the heat figured t was a good thing . Well moved them back into the shop and I'll keeper there till 4 weeks thanks for the tips still super new at it

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