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    Mar 29, 2013
    Ok So about 2 weeks ago my rooster came down with bubbly eyes and this cough noise. We treated him with 0.5cc's of Tylan 50, orally for 3 days. He seemed a lot better, the bubbly eyes were gone and he wasn't making the cough noise. Well Sunday he started right back up. Exact same symptoms. So we treated him again, this time for 5 days. He's still has the bubbly eyes, but the cough is not there. What on earth do I do now?? To top it off, one of my silkie rooster's has started wheezing. So we started him on the Tylan 50. Little less than 0.5ccs. I can't find a vet in my area that treats chickens. I've had one person suggest putting Duramycin into the water, as well as dosing him again with the Tylan. Just seems risky to me. I read somewhere that you were not suppose to treat with different meds at the same time. What can I do?? These are my babies and I don't want to see them sick like this.
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    Most respiratory diseases in chickens are viral so antibiotics do nothing but possibly control secondary infections; they cannot treat the virus. If you are going to try to keep the flock you should relaly have it tested to see eactly which disease it is. You can contact your country extension agent (in the US) or your local ag colleger or state vet office. Also, you should maintain a closed flock, meaning no birds or hatching eggs ever leave your property.

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