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Our city is plagued with problems with people dumping grease down their drains into our sewer systems, clogging it up and really making a mess. Now the city is going to charge the citizens the expense of cleaning up and making repairs and more water treatment plans for the greasy waters.

They suggest to "collect" the grease, and oils from cooking into a container and when full throw it away. Well not all of us have the luxury of saving Crisco cans or empty peanut butter jars for our grease and cooking oils. And not all of us have room in the refigerator for storing used oil, meat drippings and shortenings.

So what you all have? I don't like the idea of having a smelly container and trying to figure out how to make it easier to clean out the container if there is no container that can "pop" the hardened oil or make it clean so a used baggie or some kind of cheap plastic bags to use.

Ideas please!
I make gravy for us and/or the dogs.

Bio-diesel is an option too
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On river trips, we save all the bacon grease in a metal can til the last night. Then we follow a secrete procedure, (protecting children here) and the end result is a giant mushroom shaped fireball that rolls into the sky lighting up the canyon walls.

Oil is over $100/barrel now, Bio-diesel isn't difficult to make, and smells good too. I can't tell you the recipe off my head right now. If you could get a co-op going in your town benefits will be realized.

Mason Jars are the only kind of glass for collecting hot oil, as they is tempered
Obviously one way is to find ways to cook without using so much grease. Instead of dropping french fries in a pot of boiling grease, brush them with oil and bake them.

Now that I have saved the earth, let's get to practicalities. I'm on a septic system so I also have reasons to not put a lot of grease and oil down the drain.

We really don't use that much oil and grease. My wife's system cannot handle greasy food. When we have it, we normally let it cool if it is liquid oil at room temperature. If it is much liquid oil, we put it in small yogurt cups with the caps and toss that out with the garbage. I wrap those cups in the plastic bag the newspaper comes in just in case it leaks. We keep a small "garbage" can, designed to put a plastic grocery bag in, fold up a newspaper to put in the bottom to catch liquids since most of those grocery bags leak, and toss those with the garbage. Small quantities of cooled oil are pured in there, usually with an extra paper towel or such to absorb it. For the stuff that sets up at room temperature, we pour that in small pyrex-type bowls and let it set up, them scrape it into this garbage can/newspaper thing.

I agree disposal is a pain. Good luck!
I keep a trash bag in the house trash can, and just drain the grease into that. The trash is hauled to the outside can on a regular basis, so it doesn't smell or anything.
I make home-made "suet" for the chickens in the winter. Wait for the grease to cool enough to pour it into one of those styrofoam containers that mushrooms come in, then add BOSS, scratch etc until it is a very thick consistency. They love it and I think it does help them stay a little warmer. Prior to that I used to pour it on the dog's food. Reduced the food by a little to make up for the added calories. But the dog has hip dysplasia and we really need to keep his weight down so he doesn't get it any more.

We also eat vegetarian meals more than half the time, so we have less grease than someone who cooks meat every day, so these things work for us.

If you absolutely have to collect and dispose of it, you don't need a large container like Crisco etc. Any can will do - the cans peas, beans, corn, soup etc. come in will all work.

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