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    I'm a freelance writer and have been contracted to write an article entitled "Tips on Starting a Small Organic Layer Business". My research so far has turned up a decent amount of information (and misinformation) about the subject, but I am hoping the good folks here would have some real-life input they would be willing to share. Any info, from a tip to a treatise, will be appreciated.

    This will not be an in-depth article about organic farming; more a list of things people must consider before imbarking on the venture.
    I can't include your name in the article, but plan to prominently link to You can reply to this post or email your comments to me by 9/13/09, [email protected] .

    (p.s. Does anyone know where I can find the NOP standards for eggs/layers online? I can find plenty of links "about" the National Organic Program, but haven't stumbled upon the actual standards document(s).)

    Dave Hallier

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