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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by chickenzoo, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I know you are suppose to be able to lots of stuff with it..... But I only use it to check email and surff the web. I did kinda figure out how to take a pic or short video, but how do I edit them..... How do I post pics or send them........ Help...... Lol
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    You need to go to iTunes and download some apps--many are free. There are a couple of camera apps that allow you to edit and send pictures, got to the Apps and type in "camera" under the search. To see what each app does, check the information and pay attention to the customer reviews. I have Apples "Camera" app (which allows me to take photos with my iPad and send them to FB) as well as Best Camera and CameraFD. Also go to settings and turn on the iCloud setting. Then you can set up your account to send your photo stream to your computer (and iPhone) and edit it there. The iPad is fun but it really takes apps to do some of the things you see them doing on their ads. I've had my iPad2 for about 8 months and am still learning things.
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    Check if you have a "Launchpad", click on that and then "App store", see what applications they have there. It also depends which generation iPad you've got. The new one's got loads more options available.

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