Need medication advice for bumble foot!!

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    At the shelter I work at, some of the heavier birds have come down with bumblefoot. We are a suburban shelter and the veterinary staff isn't very familiar with treating livestock. In the article on the first state vet supply website it was recommended by Peter J. Brown to treat the birds with an antibiotic first before doing surgery. the recommended antibiotics are Lincomycin, Doxycycline, or amoxicillin. The article also states that Cephalexin capsules work great for soft tissue as well. Does anyone have any experience dosing chickens with these meds? How do you administer the meds? Are they given orally or injectable? There are only 3 chickens right now that need the treatment and they will be isolated from the other birds. I would appreciate anyone's advice or info on this matter!!
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    The vet tech that I work with has also worked at the wild bird clinic at the most prestigious Vet University in Canada. She said that they had great success with Hibitane ointment. It would have to be applied with a "ball bandage". Basically a wad of cotton or gauze made into a ball large enough for the toes to fit comfortably around and then wrapped. I expect the dead or diseased tissue should be debrided first. Hope that helps.
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    I treat my bumblefoot cases at home. Don't know what the vets do about it.
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    I wish I could help, but haven't had any experience with bumblefoot yet. [​IMG]
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    My vet just treated one of my birds for bumblefoot this week. Here is the thread detailing the treatment.

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    Quote:I would use injectables. It is more accurate and you know the bird is getting the medication that it needs. The foot its self needs lots of attention. A good Vet will know how to lance and clean it out.

    The after care is important. The wound needs to be cleaned out at least once or twice a day with a mild soap or whatever the Vet recommends. The wound will close up its self. No bandages and maintain a clean padded perching area. Do not us peroxide on it.


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