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i have a 1 yr. old cochin that i assume has wry neck.ive started her on vitamins.i brought her in the house about 2 hours ago and she hasnt pooed yet.i also notice that the eye on the side of her head that is turned towards the ground stays closed alot.could this be signs of something other then wry?thanks for any help...
I did not write this just found this in the BYC archives, here is some info and it will take alot of patience and help on your part but she can recover..:
also you might want to try something like neosporinw/opain relief in and around her eye. is it runny or bubbly?


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Re: Let's talk Wry Neck/Crook Neck
Neck problems (wry neck, crooked, neck, stargazer, limber neck) can be caused by several factors.

-vitamin/nutritional deficiency

Certain breeds is it more common due to a peck on the head (ex: silkie and polish) due to a vaulted skull.

In most cases I think it is caused by nutritional factors. Vitamin supplements would resolve this over a period of time.

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Re: Let's talk Wry Neck/Crook Neck
Here is some of my collected info on neurological symptoms of crookneck/limberneck: … 1160928615

re vit. supplementation:
Please note that vitamin E (at therapeutic dosage) is absorbed only in combination with selenium (the two are interdependent on each other)... if there is a malabsorption issue in general this will also affect absorption and therefore it is a good idea to give a general supplement like Avia Charge 2000 ...
Vit A (in excess ) will negatively affect uptake of vit E so you should not use the Polyvisol in combination with the vitamin E/selenium as a general rule.
here is where I store my links and information:
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thanks miss lydia,no her eye seems fine,she just keeps it closed alot.i have the vitamin e but it doesnt have the selenium in it.i cant find it anywhere at the 50 micrograms that i was told not to go i started her on the polyvisol and just the vitamin e twice a day.
that could still be from the vit. diff. I'd still put something like the neo. around her eye couldn't hurt.. and maybe check at a natural food store for the selenium but for sure start her on the other. can she eat by herself or do you have to help her? All the best and please let us know how she is doing.
thank goodness she has a very good appetite and can eat on her own,but she has trouble drinking,i i put water in a bowl and hold it up to her and she drinks..i have some eye ointment ok'd for poultry.she seems very happy to be walking around my living so is giving her the vitamins twice a day right?also,so the vit.e wont work at all without the selenium?i got the water soluble cause it said it was easily absorbed.
from what I read they have to work together so to be sure your doing all you can I'd try to find them.. they shouldn't be very expensive.. how about the poly-vi-sol does it have selenium in it? Glad to hear she's eating good.. and still walking around. Hopefully with some TLC she'll come through this without any more problems.. Have you been offering her any extra food to up her immune system, scrambled egg, yogurt, kefir, salmon? this goes along with her regular feed.
no,not seeing selenium on the polyvisol label.yes she got scrambled eggs today and ill give her boiled egg yolks tomorrow.ive been on the computer all day trying to find the e with selenium,im about to scream!!! lol i did find a multi-vitamin that has selenium in it,but it has alot of other things in it also,so im afraid to try it...
I would only give her what is recommended on here since most BYCers have done this and know what works.. look on dlhunicorn link and she if she gives anymore info.. yes you want to give the vitamins 2x a day. If she'll eat an egg yolk and scrambled egg for you she's getting selenium so that will give you time to find some from some where. or maybe that will be enough. She sounds so much better off than others I have read about so I think your on the right track, now patience
i finally found it on the internet,so i had to order it.YAH!!! lol i found it at tnvitamins.its vitamin e 400 iu with selenium 50 mcg softgels,so i dont have to crush them.i feel so much both vitamins twice a day.thanks so much for all your help..

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