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  1. angie 2345

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    Sep 6, 2012
    i had 3 chickens living quite happy in my back garden let them all out at 7.30 am only to my shock that a fox killed 2 of them about 1 hour later leaving just 1 i dont know how she managed to get away but she was lucky can 1 chicken live on its own or should i think of getting her a new home all she been doing is crowing in the garden is this normaly sounds like she is calling for the other 2 i can get anymore chickens as am afriad the same will happen plzz if anyone can give me some advice
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    They are flock animals. She needs other chickens. How you do that is up to you.

    The fox will be back. I don’t know what your options are to deal with it where you live and under your conditions. Foxes are a pretty hard predator to eliminate. You might try animal control and see what they say but your best bet if you keep chickens is to build them a fox-proof shelter. It looks like you cannot free range them.

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Chickens are flock animals and will be happiest in groups of at least three.

    Predation is a fact of life for free-ranging hens. That's why many people on here have birds in runs, and only let the birds out supervised. We pasture our birds, and lose several every year to predation.

    Personally, I would set a trap for the fox and get some more chickens. You could also set up a run that would keep them safer. Keeping chickens is a wonderful thing, even with the downsides (and predation is a big downside). Don't let one bad experience sour you on chicken keeping forever.

    Best wishes.
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  4. donrae

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    My most persistant predator was a nursing fox. She took half a dozen birds a few years ago. We didn't get her, but our highway did. She was quite clever about traps and avoiding humans with guns, and even evaded our farm dog who kept the coons at bay. So, if you can't fox proof your chicken's area, rehome her. If you can keep her safe, get another hen or two to keep her company. Birds hate to be alone.
  5. azygous

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    Or turn her into a house pet. Some chickens have adjusted quite well to living inside the home.

    But that involves a whole different paradigm.

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