Need some duck owners and fans of ducks for a national magazine article


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Hi everyone:

I'm looking for some duck owners and fans of ducks to answer a few questions for an article I'm writing for the new "Ducks" magazine, due out early next year. You don't have to be certified experts--I'm just looking for people who have some experience with ducks and can contribute their knowledge to the magazine readers. Namely, I'm needing some information about why ducks are great, how to include your kids in your duck chores, how to spend quality time with your ducks and some top mistakes new duck owners make (and how to avoid them).

Please email me at [email protected]. I can give you a call or we can do the interview via email. I just need a few minutes of time. My deadline is next Friday, so if we can touch base in the next few days (before Oct. 2), that would be fantastic.

Also, we are always looking for great pics of ducks, so let me know if you have publication-quality photographs.

Thank you all in advance.

Kyra Kirkwood

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