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10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
This project started out as a small favor to some of the best nieghbors a man could ever have.

The man of the house died of cancer in Dec 2009, he and I had grown close, became good friends, he was truly one of the most generous people I had ever met.

He had two small grandsons (under 5), he was 84 years old. The lady of the house asked me if I could take the broken pieces of an old armoire that belonged to Mr Byrns' mother. When I say broken pieces I mean broken pieces, and stored in unprotected enviroment for years. My original idea was to make mirrors or picture frames. Well I thought about it and I decided on memory boxes and a pen/pencil/marker/crayola holder for desk tops. Literally I pieced, cut, pieced and cut, until I got what I needed. Must say they came out pretty good.

Mrs Helen moved about 100 miles away to live with in the vicinity of her grandsons, so I emailed her some pictures for approval. She must have been thrilled, because in reply she asked me to build something else.

Building anything for her is not the issue, I will do it gladly. But I am afraid my skill level may be exceeded on this one. Mrs Helen wants me to build a box for Mr Byrns' ashes ( I am sure their is a formal name for it besides box). But anyhow she wants me to use the amoire wood. Her exact requirements were that it could be pieced together quilt like. Plain with no ornate decorations. Sized to the approximate size that in volume would match a normal shoe box. She also wants it to either be inleted, or embossed with the symbols Alpha and Omega.

The wood portion I can handle, I have inventoried remaining material and I can get it done, with some very nice stuff. And it won't be pieced together.

But where in the world can I get a template for Alpha and Omega. I know the Alpha is just a capital A with legs, but the Omega I can find no where. So I need some ideas. I know what an Omega looks like. But their is slim chance that I can free hand a router to suitable standard.

Where can I get the templates?
Well, you could just explain to her that you will make the box, but due to the importance and sentimental value of the urn, that you prefer not to do the embossing. And hopefully she'll be able to find someone who can.

Maybe you could call a jeweler and see if they can do it........I bet they can.
How about this! You can print it out and then in large or make it smaller if you have those on your printer! Then cut it out like a stencil! Maybe burn it on the wood?
Here is the site I got it from.!
Yes! I have done the google searches, came up with sympols you guys have.

Thus far

I have thought of wood burning the symbols into the cedar. I could simply print out what I needed, adjust size, trace onto wood. Use a soldering iron or a child's wood burning kit.

Inleting the symbols into the wood. I wood need a raised template to attach to the cedar that I could run the router against. Like I mentioned earlier no hope of me free handing to the proper standard.

I have thought of basicly a combination of the two methods mentioned above. Print out symbol, transfer outline to plywood, plastic, or sheet metal. Cut it out, attach to cedar to be used as template.

Another idea or question. One of those sign shops that make magnetic/laminate/wood signs, would they possibly have the capability to inlet the symbols? Do you think they would have the proper soft ware?

Mrs Helen would readily accept anything I build, that's what makes it so important for it to be done right.
you could find a trophy or engraving shop and see if they have a lazer engraver. My DH works for a company that makes them. As long as you have a good clean graphic or font of the A and O signs, you could have them engraved in the wood... it looks really nice and clean.
Trophy shop good idea

Fraternity -- sorority good idea

Gonna give the local trophy shop a call

If that don't get it to the university I go

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