Need some insight. Had to put down my girl she was dying...(graphic)

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Pooper Peeper
11 Years
Jul 26, 2008
Sebastopol, CA
Less the a year old, buff cochin. Let them out of the coop this afternoon. Noticed she was non moving very fast. Examined her. As I picked her up out of her mouth came this putrid liquid the color of brown mustard. Upon further examination her crop was almost ballon like and her skin was stretched very thin. You could see liquid moving around and what looked like a bruise and she was wet there and smelled putrid/rotten. Each time I wiped the area it was almost if the liquid was seeping through the skin. What in the world could have caused this? My husband shot her and said that green stuff came out of her mouth. (sorry for that) Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
No I was rushed for time. But I am tempted to exhume her and do that. Would tomorrow be too late? Also I am wondering if this could have happened from a hawk attack? Falling off the roost etc. If it were what you said was there any thing I could have done for her to save her?
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