Need suggestions for sewing outdoor cushions

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by vfem, Sep 6, 2009.

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    What kind of cushion batting or stuffing should I use? Whats the best way to do outdoor cushions? They'll be under a porch over hang and are actual cushions and NOT pillows. So they'll be sat on! [​IMG]
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    Usually, dense foam wrapped in poly fiber is used for the core of box shaped cushions. You an buy pre-cut pieces or sheets of 3 to 4 inch foam for the cushions and poly fiber (sold by the yard) at Joann's or from an upholsterer's supply shop.

    If you want thinner cushions, you can use thinner foam wrapped in poly fiber.

    If you want to make cushions that will be out in the rain, there is some foam that has holes through it for drainage. Supposedly it doesnt mildew, but I havent tried it.

    The best fabric to use for any cushions that will be exposed to weather is Sunbrella or a similar fabric. Also available at Joann's or similar fabric stores.

    Hint: Stuffing the fiber wrapped foam into the covers is easier if you first wrap a plastic garbage bag around the cushion. The garbage bag is then pulled out before the cover is zipped or sewn closed.
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    Foam, gabage bag or even a heavier plastic if need be, then fiber over that to keep the appearence of a plain cushion. But definately up to you with plastic!

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    Good luck and your on the right track!
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    I agree with Chel. That is how I made mine.
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    My originals were damaged over the years. They were very thick and I didn't want the new style you can find at WalMart as they are too thin. so I bought outdoor material and pinned it wrong sides together over the original cushions. I then carefully removed the material and sewed it up. they fit perfect and very snug. I was very impressed as I didn't think I could do such a project. I didn't have to make them from scratch though, like you apparently are having to do.
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    Quote:Yeah, the plastic garbage bag is just temporary to help slide a tight fitting fabric cover over the foam and batting. The bag is then pulled out and discarded. Otherwise, the fabric hangs up on the foam/batting making it really hard to stuff the cushion inside the cover.

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