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My husband and I want to get a couple of tablet computers. We've been doing a little research - but it's like comparing apples and oranges sometimes (especially since we don't REALLY know a lot about computers).

We've pretty much decided we like the tablets that Acer has to offer (we don't have Mac-type incomes)...We went to BestBuy this weekend and looked at the Acer Iconia A500. It has a Droid operating system (not at all familiar with this).

THEN I came home and looked on Ebay and found the Acer Iconia has a Windows operating system (which I'm much more familiar) & has a lot more memory...AND it comes with a keyboard - for only $100 more.

This is the problem....why is the 2nd one only $100 more?? It makes me suspicious.

so here are two that we are considering:



appreciate any input!


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Sep 21, 2008
Get #1.

Windows is great for Desktops and Laptops but is slow and clunky on tablets IMO.

Android 3.0 was designed for tablets and is faster, more responsive and will give you a better, more iPad-like experience.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm tired and my keyboard isn't working right.


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May 21, 2011
Il explain why the one is more expensive for you first. Il put it in "human" terms so you understand!
The cheaper one has only 1GB RAM, the RAM Is the memory accessed when pretty much doing anything on the tab, the more RAM , the quicker run time. The cheaper one also only has 16GB storage capacity, where as the more expensive one has 32GB, storage capacity is exactly what it says on the tin really, how much stuff can you store on it. My advice to anyone on this matter is not to buy anything unneccessary just because its only a little bit more expensive. It all depends on what your going to need it for, and keeping in mind you guys are not computer geeks, I see no reason why you would need the extra RAM or storage space. BUT...... if you wanna be safe, and this is what I would probably do, is buy the more expensive one and have the extra "computer geekery stuff" on it, and know you got the best performing one, instead of buying the cheaper one and thinking, darn I should have got the one with bells and whistles on!
If you need any more advice on these and what me to go into more detail il be happy to do so!

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