Need tips on checking for lice and mites


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I have 6 chickens already, and they all seem very happy! Plus I have paid to have them checked out.

However, I want to get a few more hens. Any tips on how I can check for lice and mites?

I don't want to bring home sick chickens, is there anything else I should look for?

I was also curious, can humans get lice, and mites from chickens?

Thank you in advance.
Lice, if there is any kind of infestation, are pretty easy to spot if you lift up a few feathers and look. They will be white/gray specks clinging to the base and crawling around. Mites, I believe, are the same way except that they are black or darker colored.

Leg mites, which also seem to be fairly common, effect the scales on their legs. The scales may be lifted up a bit, the legs may look red or puffy.

First of all, watch your source, there are many wonderful breeders here on BYC to start with.
Check their eyes, make sure they aren't goopy, same with the nostrils. Look at their faces, nice red combs and wattles with no bumps or blisters; no weird smells emanating from anywhere!
And finally, just over all condition. If the area they are kept in looks healthy, their feathers look good and if they are active. Also, if the majority of the birds look good but there are one or two hunched up or showing any sign of illness, better safe than sorry, look elsewhere!

People can't get lice from chickens, although I am not sure about mites. I have yet to deal with them.
Hope this helped!

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