Need To Break A Broody Pekin


Jun 20, 2022
Good afternoon

I have 4 one year old Pekin bantams without a cockerel. With the exception of one, they have all gone broody this year but I understand that this a breed prone to it. The others have been 'broken' (after all other methods failed) by placing them in Chicken Jail. But not one of them. She goes broody at least once a month but is quite happy in jail! The jail is in the enclosure with the others so she can see them and I have put the jail on blocks so that there is an air supply underneath to no avail - she simply 'broods' in there. She has been left in there for 48 hours (with water and food) and I have placed ice packs and ice cubes on the ground underneath her - about 3 inches underneath her but she still broods even then. When let back out she goes immediately back to the nest box. I do not want to give her fertilised eggs to sit on and leaving her in the nest box until she gets 'over it' is not an option either. Four nest boxes but they all insist on laying in the same box so the others get extremely distressed.

This is my first year with chickens and I love them to buts but do not know what to do with this one so ANY help would be so really appreciated.

Thank you for reading - Desperate Dee!!

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