Need to hear Button Quail Crow Recording


Brooder Boss
10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
If anyone has a recording of a button quail crowing, would you please post a link so I can hear it... I am having a hard time deciding if one of my is crowing or just talking... Also no youtube videos please as my computer cant access youtube.. Thanks
Button Quail---- Crow?

Ummm I'm At A Loss. All Mine Do Is A Whistle Sorta Call--- They Have A Few Different Cadences To The Whistles, But Only Whistles... Idk? Maybe Mine Are Not Normal?
Mine Are House Quail And I Banter Back And Forth With Them All The Time. I Can Whistle Anywhere In The House And At Least 1( Usually My Roo) Will Whistle Back Immediately. Its As Bad As Messin With A Turkey Poult--- But My Button's Grown...

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