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    Sep 16, 2012
    First of all I tried searching and didn't see anything that was exactly my problem here. I am about three weeks new with backyard chickens. I got my first two RIRs that "are almost ready to lay" that seemed healthy. Now, I have one that has raspy breathing, nasal discharge and it sound like coughing. I know chickens can't cough, I found that out here. I started with Vet Rx, rubbed on her head, a drop in each nasal duct, and two drops down the throat before bedtime for three nights. It didn't help anything. The other chicken seems fine. No symptoms at all. The sick chick has no issues with energy, appetite, drinking normal, scratching, colors are fine too. She is a little smaller than the other and they are about the same age.

    So, here is my thoughts. Scary I know. I'm thinking it is bacterial respiratory infection because only one chick is affected. I just received an order I placed today that includes Sulmet, Corid, Wazine 17, and poultry Nutri-drench. I have no other meds. I'm thinking of treating Sulmet drinking water solution 12%. 1 TBSP in 1/2 gal of water giving it to both birds just in case.

    I'm not freaking out yet but my wife is starting to worry. I'm really looking forward to any assistance you all can provide. Thank you in advance. If there are any questions I did not cover please ask. Like I said, I'm new. You will not offend my and I may just learn something.

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    I would seperate that one ASAP and handle it last when working with your birds to reduce contamination. It does sound like a respitory illness...which is not good news. There are many different types with different symptoms but the outlook is the same. Affected birds are said to remained carriers even when symptoms have resolved. Treatment is with Tylan 50 injectable cattle med. but you are only treating the symptoms not curing it ...

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