need to record chicken sounds in los angeles area

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  1. babag

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    Nov 26, 2007
    i record sound effects and am in the van nuys area of l.a..
    i need to record some general chicken sounds for some things
    i'm doing right now and am having a devil of a time figuring
    out how to find chickens to record (general clucking, milling
    about, and whatever other noises chickens might make). it's
    for an independent documentary on how the written language
    of the mayan indians was decyphered. there's a fair amount
    of rural mexico scenery and i wanted to be able to put some
    chicken sounds in the background of these shots.

    anyone who can be of help, please contact me and i'll get in
    touch by phone. i'd appreciate it very much as the filmmaker
    has a deadline he's trying to meet. i'm hoping the kinds of
    things i'm looking for wouldn't take more than an hour and
    probably considerably less.

    thanks and looking forward to any replies,
    (george lockwood)
    [email protected]

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