Need Visual on Where to Vaccinate for Fowl Pox

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  1. When i had my flock vaccinated for Fowl Pox last year, my vet did it. She was doing it as part of a tv special, so i didn't get close enough to see exactly where she stuck the needle thing. Now i need to vaccinate my new kids. The instructions say in the wing web, underside of the wing, by the first joint of the wing, being careful not to puncture veins or muscle. When i was at my vet (different vet than the first one) the other day, she showed me on a chicken to do it in their arm pit. But i'm not sure that's right.

    Does anyone have a link to a video or picture of where the vaccine should be administered? Or can someone show me a picture of their bird's wing of exactly where i should do the puncture? Any help would be appreciated.
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    ( Viewing under the wing)
    Sorry, it's a quick sketch...... this is normally where I do it. Either in the thin skin right near the body and wing join, or the thin skin right in the center of the wing bend.
  3. Okay, so the first place you mentioned, the thin skin near the body and wing joint, i believe is the same spot my vet showed me. i was calling it the arm pit as it is right under the wing where it meets the body and there aren't any feathers there. Is that correct?

    Do i need to worry about hitting any blood vessels there?
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    Are you doing it on Silkies/Showgirls... dark skin? You might need to shine a flashlight from behind to check for veins etc... dark skin can be a little tricky, hehe, but it should be pretty thin in those places.

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