need your help with a book or website for remodeling / framing a room

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    Jan 23, 2008
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    My son is thinking about moving back in and we discussed making a room for him at the end of the enclosed porch on the back of the house. I would need to be insulated, a wall framed to close in the room and a wall to close in a window and insulate on the back of the house inside what would be his room. His dad can do the electrical work, there is already electricity out there. I know my way around a jig saw and hammer and am fairly handy and not afraid to try. Besides I will need a winter project. Does anyone know of a good website with visuals or a book that can walk me thru it? Everyone tells me it shouldnt be hard to do at all its just that no one offered to do it. [​IMG] It is strickly interior work and no knocking down or going thru walls.
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    Try looking at the HGTV website or DIY network.
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    I didnt find anything that went into much detail or had pictures to go with it. Im a visual person, I also need to see how its supposed to look.

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