Need your help...


10 Years
Mar 22, 2013
downtown Nicholson, ky.
He or she?
Bought this little guy/girl as an Easter chick.
I tried to sex it next to a ???for sure pullet at Tractor supply...but one never knows.
This is a RIR, appox 5.5 weeks old.

I have some golden comets and it may be a slight bit bigger but other than that no major differances.

FYI: I was wanting a rooster...

I'm actually new to raising chickens myself, but by the look of the comb it looks like a pullet. I was told that the rooster's comb would turn red and become larger a lot sooner than pullets would. Again, I'm new to this so I am not 100% sure, but I hope I helped! Very cute chick,btw!
I would say hen from the looks. I have ten "pullets" from tractor supply and I have a feeling a couple might be Roos. One has a crown that is much larger than the others, but it is not red, so who knows. I guess we will just have to see :)

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