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Hi all I am in need of some advice from chicken experts so I came here!

I had a little accident this afternoon with my chicks and their coop! The wind picked it up and sent it flying big time, unfortunately my chicks all 15 of them were in the coop at the time. 14 of the chicks are fine but my poor little roo in the making is hurt! his leg is very swollen and he is unable/unwilling to bear weight on it. His leg is pretty scraped up but I don't think its broken. He has lost a layer of skin over the joint which I know I can treat with regular Neosporin but what can I do for the swelling/pain. He is normally hard to catch and he was one of the first to be rounded up with no fight. That alone tells me he is in pain! I have him separated from most of the rest of the flock and all are safely inside. I did leave him a companion so that he is not alone but wont be harassed by the others.
He is willing to eat but didn't seem interested in drinking water. It's not a big issue though as he loves it when I turn the starter into a mash. which is what I did.

Anyway what can I do to help with the Swelling/Pain!
This is him and his Ouchy leg!

He is a young maran I got him the end of march as a hatchling. His name is Louis it was supposed to be Louise!

Please excuse the silly look in my face I was trying to keep still so I could get a good shot and not cause the poor boy any undo discomfort! I am very worried about him! He is never this quiet!

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Welcome to BYC. You are lucky that no more of your chicks were hurt. Unfortunately the only thing I would know to do is to give him part of a low dose 80mg aspirin. Ice sould probably be out of the question with a chick. Look for bruising and a break in his leg. He needs to be confined in a small space with food and water close enough that he won't use the leg for a week, and maybe 2 or 3. Splinting may be helpful, and can be done with popsicle sticks, tape and padding if it's broken. Maybe wait a day or so for welling to decrease before splinting.
I know I'm very lucky that only 1 was hurt! I already lost 12 chicks this year in a electrical fire. The extension cord shorted and the insulation around the cord caught fire. Their was nothing I could do! I checked that cord twice a day and it was always cool. I don't want to loose any more! With these chicks I have them in a brooder in my room at night and I would put them out in the coop during the day. Today the wind came out of nowhere. one minute It was calm as can be and the next it was blowing like crazy. Then it was back to being calm again!

Anyway little Louis is resting quietly! he is trying to put his leg on the ground some, but he still cant bare weight on it. He gets upset if you take his companions away from him so I left Thelma with him. she is pretty quiet unless theirs bread involved! I'll try to give him some aspirin tonight!
How much should I give him? he isn't very big and I don't want to overdose him! He is my first little roo and I am already attached to him. As I am all my critters!
Little Louis is doing much better today! He is holding it closer to the ground, and has even managed a few steps with it today. I am hoping that its just a bad sprain. I don't see any oblivious deviations in the leg. I can gently extend his leg, and he has what seems to be good range of motion. Although it is obliviously sore! his is foot is still pretty swollen as is his Knee/ Hock area where the skin was scraped off the area is about the size of a penny right over the joint. the rest of the leg looks and feels normal.
I'm glad he is doing better. If you can cut the baby aspirin in half, or dissolve it in water and give him half of that, that should do it. Sorry to hear about your coop fire.
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I'm glad he is doing better. If you can cut the baby aspirin in half, or dissolve it in water and give him half of that, that should do it. Sorry to hear about your coop fire.
Thanks! I still have mini panic attacks anytime I smell smoke around my house, same thing happens with guns too! I have had a rough year! But all should be back on track now. My girls are not so happy about having to be inside all day! They want out but all I could do was take them out for an hour today! No safe area for them to roam at the moment. hopefully their temporary enclosure will be finished soon! I will have to get them a new coop soon! They are out growing their brooder pretty quickly! I'm looking at a 8x4 metal shed to convert to a coop!

So half of a baby aspirin dissolved in water it is!
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