Neighbor cat attack

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    Hi everyone

    One of my seven week old black star girls (dubbed Hen Solo) went missing yesterday and was found the next street over being terrorized by a neighbor cat who has been making frequent passes at the chickens (including the full grown girls). I thought I had the issue resolved, hence letting the little girls out, but this has shown me otherwise. Two questions:

    Hen Solo is acting very lethargic. No physical injuries, and I was able to get her to drink some water with a little sugar dissolved in it, but she is showing no interest in eating or drinking on her own. I've got her in chicken hospital in the house now, and I'm going to try some scrambled egg next. Any suggestions? We don't have a poultry vet nearby, so that's out.

    Second question: what can I do about that $&@! cat? She's getting more and more ballsy with the chickens, and I know she's someone's pet because she has a collar on (so a pellet gun is out). I've reinforced the fence and the girls can only be let out in the backyard when I'm able to actively supervise now. The worry is getting to me.

    Thanks in advance for your help! I'm awfully fond of my little fluffy butts.
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    [​IMG] Hopefully your chick has no internal injuries. She may still be in shock. If it were me, the cat would be box trapped and delivered to the local animal control agency. Sorry that you are having to deal with this situation.

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