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5 Years
Sep 10, 2014
My next door neighbor has several city chickens that he lets roam about during the day and pens them in at night. At first we thought this was really nice for the chickens. Then we noticed that they were destroying our flower beds and pooping (big poops) on our back patio. We are getting really frustrated about this. The daily poop cleanup and cost to frequently replace flower plants is getting out hand. We also have small children and it is making it impossible for them to use our backyard (due to all the poop). Help! Any suggestions?
I agree, you should talk to them and let them know your issues about the chickens entering your property. Responsible owners will remedy the situation.
We talked to our neighbor and he would try to supervise them when they are out of the coop. He said it was unfair for the chickens because they should be able to roam free. :(
He is not a responsible owner if he is letting them off his property, especially once he has been notified that you do not approve of them on yours and they are damaging your property...

I would invoice him for the poop clean up and replacement/replanting of the flowers, include all your labor at say $25-$50/hr and a note that you will continue to invoice and bill him for your troubles and even pursue collections if he does not pay promptly within 10 days of each invoice... And if he doesn't pay he very well would find less and less chickens returning home at night, might even invite him over for fresh chicken soup to talk over his loses...
Not only would I charge them like suggested, I would fill bags of doo and leave it on their front porch. And if you build a fence, I don't know how it is by you, but here the cost gets shared 50/50. We have a choice to pursue the shared cost, but nonetheless the neighbor couldn't fight the cost.

Otherwise I bet a cattle prod would work :)
There are several approaches you can take - and which is right for you is something for you to determine

1 - contact Animal Control - normally I'd suggest speaking to the owner first, but you did that and to no avail.

2 - fence your yard. I realize that this might seem unfair considering they aren't your chickens and the neighbor *should* be the one taking responsibility to contain his animals, but that doesn't seem likely to happen and for your own peace of mind this is something you can do not only to keep these animals out, but also other animals that your neighbors might allow to wander the neighborhood

3 - speak to the neighbor again and let them know that you will be contacting AC if the birds are not contained

4 - do nothing and be further aggravated

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