Neighbor dogs, what do I do?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by StevieNacole, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Jan 19, 2009
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    shoot them... your animals well being is your responsibility. I can't even begin to understand what's the idea in waiting until after a few of your animals get killed in different times before you decided to do anything about it.
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    Dec 1, 2011
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    I had a dog come on to our property this past summer and kill 6 ducks and 6 chickens and i had come home to feathers and chickens,ducks every wear and i immediately went out and took pictures of all the dead birds i could find did not move them or even touch them and then went in and called the neibor and told them they said sorry and all that crap but as soon as i showed up at thier house and gave them to bill for just the minium damage($180) they instantly tried to say it was my fault cause i did not have my animals in a fenced chicken run and thats part of living in the country but the dog even went through the run door and killed a couple in the run he even went in the pond and got my baby ducks and they said the dog came home wet so they tried to pay only half the bill but then i said thats fine i will got to the county and for every bird that is dead they will have to pay me a minimum of $25 they then paid the full $180 onece i said that

    so talk to the sheriff and if that dont work then take matters into your own hands and shoot the dogs it is not worth waiting around for your neibor to take care of the dogs and risk more of your animals(pets) lives please keep us posted on what happens

    good luck

    sorry for your loss
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    If the dogs are on your land and killing chickens you have a right to defend them.
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    If a pack of dogs are on your property then you have a dangerous situation on your hands. Although Fluffy, Nipper, Rex, Max, Gonzo, and TBone might be the nicest dogs in the world when by themselves, when they get into a pack they develop a predator mentality. At that point anything in their path risks being attacked.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    A pack of dogs loose is dangerous to you not just your animals. I have watched a few stories on animal planet where people were killed by packs of dogs.

    Best to shoot to kill. The owner knows what he is doing is dangerous. Dealing with the dogs is easy.I would be more worried about retaliation from the owner. If you are worried about that then SSS is better than notifying anyone.If the owner is OK with his roaming dogs being shot(some are) then great! I think what you do and who you contact depends on what the neighbor is like.
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    I'd like to remind you and everyone what the one person said about a pack of pet dogs mauling an elderly lady.

    It could have just as easily been a little girl playing in her front yard.

    Or a mommy and her baby out for a stroll.

    A 'pack' of dogs will do things a single dog won't, wether they be well-behaved and loved pets otherwise.

    A pack of dogs is a threat to human life.

    Call the sheriff or police.[​IMG]
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    Amen amen and amen. Pack mentality is nothing to take lightly. That needs to be handled quickly and forcefuly. Some of you don't understand just how dangerous it is.
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    Quote:Ayup. The owner sounds like people I have known in the past. If that is the case, informing him of shooting a dog would be a mistake. I'd talk to the sheriff and if he said do what you need to protect your property, I'd SSS one by one until they no longer came onto the property. I know there are "no bad dogs, only bad owners," but retraining and restraining the dogs isn't likely to happen with this owner. Only other option is to live catch and take to the shelter where they would likely end up being put down anyway if they show a bad temperament.
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    Quote:I'm way past beginning.

    OP, I don't know if all the deaths occurred during the same incident and if everyone has been in lock down since, but if they aren't they need to be, until this situation is handled. Not one more being should suffer.

    There's already plenty of advice re: what to do about the dogs and irresponsible dog 'guardian'...

    Heartbreaking what the fallen had to endure due to careless humans - inexcusable.

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