Neighbor dogs, what do I do?


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Our neighbor that lives up the road has a pack of dogs(about 6-8) that have been terrorizing our animals, they killed my duck, my favorite rooster and five other chickens. It started out just them coming down here and barking at our pet pot belly pig,attacking her and then they started messing with our chickens. They are big scary dogs, I use to take walks up the road with my friends childern and cant do that anymore for fear of them running at us, as they have before. We live out in the country, im sure animal control wont do anything, we have called the owners and finally gotten an answer from the mans wife, she apologized and admitted that even she is afraid of them and that she would have her husband take care of them that night. Well, that same night I wake up to hear the monsters at the back of our property
barking and barking, I couldnt see them to tell what they were doing. They come to our property every morning and most nights, even sometimes during the day.

What do I do? I havent ever shot anything. It's getting so heartbreaking losing our chickens, MY PETS.
Call animal control - that is their job. If animal control doesn't do anything, call the police. That is DEFINITELY their job as it sounds like these dogs may be a danger to human life.

Edited to add: Dogs are pack animals, like wolves, and despite being somewhat removed from that ancestry they are just as dangerous when they form a pack as this group has. You may as well call them coyotes.

No matter how "in the boonies" you may be, it is your right to live peacefully on your own property and it is almost ALWAYS written into ordinances that uncontrolled animals, particularly dogs, are a danger to the community and the owners are financially responsible for destroyed lawns, killed livestock, etc. It is also usually written into ordinances that incessant barking (more than 10 minutes continuously, etc) can be fined, though sometimes you have to have two separate individuals complain for this to be the case.

It is frequently written into ordinances, also, that you may shoot a dog that is actively pursuing or killing your livestock, but be sure to read your ordinances or talk to the sheriff as "revenge killing" is often NOT legal after the act has been committed. You almost always have the right to shoot a predatory animal actively killing on your property, particularly in the case that you have talked to the owners and they have failed to take action.

Check with your local sheriff, explain the situation and ask him what actions you are within your rights to take. You may be able to write your neighbor a bill for damages, in which case he will legally owe you the money lost from the animals his dogs killed. At the very least he is responsible for restraining them however necessary/possible.
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Be fully informed to your rights before taking action. There are several other threads about dogs, one of which asked if it was OK to shoot with a paintball gun; it was decided that this could be construed as animal cruelty.

Some people will catch a dog and spraypaint a bullseye to make a point, but with that pack, I wouldn't risk it. First try law enforcement, then double-check your rights, and SSS. It's always the dog owner's responsibility to contain the animals, either way.
Documentation. Dates/Times. Take pictures, video. Photos of ruined/dead livestock (pets).

Written notification. Put neighbor on notice. Send them a bill for your lost property. Take them to small claims court if they refuse to pay.

As previous post says, notify local sheriff. If they refuse to act, notify state attorney generals office with your complaint.

Most places you do have the right to shoot those dogs. It's your pets or its them. . .ask a "hunter" friend to help you with this problem.

Maybe. . .get your own dogs. We have problems when we and our dogs aren't at home. We got b-i-g livestock guardian dogs and they do not allow other dogs onto our property.

Good luck with this. . .just some ideas. . .I so sorry for your losses.
I agree with one of the previous posters: SSS.

Other options: Electric Fence, Larger Guardian Livestock Dogs, Donkey.

Meanwhile, keep reporting them, every day, and call a TV news action group. Make the problem PUBLIC.
Every one of the previous posters gave good advice. After the animal control/police/sheriff/documentation routine, if you aren't taken care of, SSS.
A neighbor's pack of malamute/husky crosses killed 9 of my birds. She paid for them. OK, but I didn't want to sell them that way.
Give them a bill. If they don't make fair restitution, the dogs will be back, sit and wait and shoot them. I also wouldn't acknowledge that you shot them. They just disappeared. You need to be as comfortable on your property as your neighbors are.

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