Neighbors behind us tried to poison our birds


6 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Yes, you read that right.
The people behind us tried to poison our birds..

I'm normally really quiet when out with our chickens & ducks so today I saw something get thrown over the fence into the chicken yard where I was. I quickly picked it up and it had such a disgusting smell of bleach. It looked like rolled up bread soaked in bleach.

I quietly left the chicken yard without making a sound and took it to the garbage can in the front yard to throw it away.

Since these neighbors have always called the cops on us so many times for bullcrap stuff, I couldn't call on them because the cops would just believe their lies over me even if I had the bread to show them.

Luckily our birds are okay. They actually ran to hide when it got thrown over the fence.

I let them out to free range, talking really loud so the neighbors could hear that I would be out there for a long while to clean up the chicken yard.

As soon as my dad and I put the camera up out there, they won't be able to tell lies about anything.
Are you serious? This actually happened?! I would be so furious. :mad: I think putting up the game cam you and your dad are talking about, is a great idea. And no free ranging unless you are out there with them!
We only do free range with supervision since we have an untrained puppy out there during free range time. Since the 3 adult dogs are trained enough to leave the birds alone, they are out there to guard the birds from hawks. They actually scared a hawk off a few days ago even though the birds were locked up.
Have you ever tried calling the police on them? Police hate getting caught up in neighbor disputes, but if they call on you all the time, you might be surprised to find that they're tired of the neighbor's BS, and would be willing to side with you on an animal cruelty situation.
Once that camera is up and running, hopefully you'll get some evidence.

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