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Aug 26, 2008
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Yes I have chickens that I pet and enjoy the eggs from. Next door they have large bantams . They have gotten out of their pens and are in my yard. I do not want this. This is not the first time. I keep my flock free of disease and am stricter than the neighbors about biosecurity. These are not easy neighbors. What is the best way to go. I will call once but knowing them they will not try to catch or contain them. Any suggestions. These are very wild hens and a roo. They roost in very high pines. Much to high to catch. Gloria Jean
22 caliber CB short subsonic round great for dispatching things when you dont want people to hear a gun shot

works well for dogs and cats as well at birds
i used them in town when i was dealing with my neighborer's 150+cats
Rufus nailed it.
Sorry you have bad neighbors.
Gloria Jean, they are a huge threat to your flock and all the precautions you take. If they do not intend to contain them, I'd get rid of them any way possible and fast. Trap them and dispose of them is what I'd do.
Free chickens, catch em, quarantine em, and by the time quarantine's over, the neighbors will have assumed something, other than you, got them.

Otherwise, they might make a suitable Sunday dinner.

If you want to be nice to the neighbors as sort of a warning, I'd tell them there's been a predator in the neighborhood and suggest they may want to confine their birds for their own protection. If they choose not to heed your warnings, consider the chickens FREE game.
I don't know your conditions and set-up. My first thought is to call animal control and see what they can do and try to find out what your rights and possible actions are. You don't need to do anything illegal and I would think eating them is illegal. Catching them and turning them over to animal control is probably legal. Is there a cost to reclaim animals from animal control? There is certainly an inconvenience. Would the neighbors reclaim them? And I would ask them once to do something about it. Fair warnng.

If the safety of your chickens allow it, I would consider borrowing a dog that likes to play with chickens and put it in your back yard. Not that you would do anything to intentionally hurt the neighbor's chickens, but, you know, just saying....
Gloria Jean is state tested every four months and can't just trap them and keep them. Even quarantine may not show all of what they could be carrying. If you do trap them and dispose of them, there is a chance they could get more and you'd have the same situation all over again so it may be an idea to explain to them why you are so concerned and why they must keep them in an enclosure if they can't keep them off your property.
Check your local laws to see whether you can trap/kill/give away animals that are not yours EVEN IF THEY ARE COMING ON YOUR PROPERTY UNINVITED!!!

It is so totally unfair, but in some communities the law will get you if you harm strays that belong to your neighbor.

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