Neighbor's dogs


Jun 23, 2020
Okay, so I don't know which neighbor, so I can't ask them to keep their dogs on their property.

There are these two little dogs that roam the area a couple of times a day. They are both small breed dogs (not sure what they are). They aren't aggressive towards people, but I still try to shoo them from our yard and off the road (I don't want to see them get hit by a car, which is more than likely going to happen).

Yesterday they were back at our chicken coop. I ran outside and shooed them away. Today, that wasn't enough. They ignored me and tried to find a way in. I grabbed a broom and scared them off. Since they started roaming in our property (we have an acre), I haven't felt comfortable letting the chickens out of their run.

What can I do to scare these little dogs off, or am I stuck with them unless and until the owner decides to take some responsibility for their pets?
If they are roaming around every day freely bothering the neighbourhood, I would count them as strays.

I don't really disagree with you.

Could she crate the dogs and leave them on her front lawn until the owners came looking for them? I don't really know if this is a socially acceptable approach.

I don't think that's socially acceptable, but neither is letting your dogs roam freely. I've considered calling animal control, but I don't want them to end up at the pound either.

Just call and report them. As they might even cause an accident leaving people crippled or worse.

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