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5 Years
Sep 29, 2017
Northern Utah
My Easter Egger laid her second egg yesterday, and she spent 6 hours on the nest. I have two hens only and one nest. The second hen has been laying for about a month and she was pacing nervously in front of the nest. She didn't lay yesterday that we could find.

Could she have needed to lay but couldn't because the nest was busy? Stupid question, I know. Do I need to get a second nest? This is what I'm using as a nest (with soft nesting material in it). It measures 17.5 x 17.5 x 17 inches.

I have 5 hens and 3 nest box's and they all use the same one next box even if they have to pace and wait....Your EE probably will get quicker and not spend so much time once she has been laying for a week or so. So for 2 hens you don't need 2 nests but it won't hurt...specially if one goes broody in the future and you want to let her hatch her eggs.
No, she could not hold an egg in, usually they will lay somewhere else. If you ever get a sudden drop in egg numbers, sometimes they will create a secret nest, and they can be amazingly difficult to find, in plain sight. You certainly can add another nest, just a cardboard box if you want for a while, but do not be surprised in they both lay in the same nest. Chickens seem to think, "Oh someone else laid here, this must be a good spot!"
Eew, I don't want a broody chicken. I'll have to figure out how to break that.
True remaining in the nest can be a sign of broodiness, but this is when a bird stays in the nest for all day and all night and becomes very defensive of the nest. That is not what you are describing and not what your bird is doing. Some birds like to lounge in the nest for several hours when they lay both Before & After the egg has been expelled. Some birds wait until the egg is practically falling out jump up in the nest leave the egg and jump back out. Generally I always advise at least two nest boxes be made available in a co-op increasing from there to allow one Box for every four birds. Even with just 2 birds in your flock it would be advisable to have to nest boxes. Will probably still insist on using one but you know you've made the 2nd available for situations such as yesterday

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