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    Sep 3, 2015
    I have 4 Hens that were born on May 1. So they are 24 weeks old. 2 of the 4 have been laying but the other two have no played at all yet. I have 4 chickens and only one nesting box....... do you think I need to get a second box? Is this why they aren't laying?

    The 2 in the middle have been laying for weeks now! But the other 2 have not.
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    Hi! [​IMG] Beautiful chickens! Nice looking run too! 1 box might be just fine for 4 hens. When they're ready to lay, they lay! If they start laying out of the box, or if one hen is snarky, goes broody and hogs the box (which is unlikely this young) you may think about a second box but I think you are fine. Best of luck to you!
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    Oct 19, 2014
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    If I can suggest anything to you in this world, it's get more nesting boxes! Oh the fighting and stress that will come of there is a lack of boxes. This can even cause them to stop laying or lay in odd places!!!
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    I agree that 2 boxes is more ideal. If 2 pullets haven't even started laying yet and the OP didn't mention any squabbling then there is no problem yet. IMO I suggest waiting to add an additional box until there is a need if coop space is limited. I have a mixed flock of 15 hens, 6 boxes of which only 3 are used. Go figure. Silly hens! If coop space isn't an issue, having a second box would help keep the eggs cleaner and there would be less risk of breakage via traffic and snarking.

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