11 Years
May 16, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I am going to rebuild my temporary pens into something much nicer, bigger and more permenant. I am wondering about what kind of netting, wire? to use for the top. We get a lot of snow here so I need to keep that in mind.
Ideas and a source for a good place to buy netting would be greatly appreciated.

I normally use Topright flight netting from Cutlers Supply, or something similar. It goes by breaking strength. I don't have large predator problems with my Great Pyr's on guard, so using wire on top wasn't an issue.

I just ordered a poly coated netting from Benner's Garden Supply in PA. It comes in 7.5 ft x 100 ft (200 or 300 if needed). It is a super strong 1-3/4" square. They will send you a sample and I could not pull it apart. I had a problem with a racoon or fisher cat tearing the nylon netting apart, getting in and killing my male IB. I have new birds so the cost of $200 is worth it to me to keep them alive.

Good luck.
Stromberg hatchery has the cheapest netting you are going to find, at least real netting, not that Tractor Supply "netting"
It comes in various mess sizes, roll sizes, and tensel strenght. I use it for all my aviaries, DO NOT put wire on the top, you'll break all of them's neck. The netting gives with them if they were to fly up from being spooked by something and does no harm to them, where wire wont.
2" chicken wire is o kay I use it, 2x4 welded wire is best and most durable for the sides. If predators are a problem like they are here, use a strand or two of electric fence around the bottom too

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