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Hey fellow Nevadans and friends of Nevadans! Welcome to the Nevada thread!!!
Our thread is growing by leaps and bounds so we have added a few pages so you can find all things Nevadan, including our precious Nevada friends and neighbors. This is a great thread and thanks to you all it's getting even better!

Check out these pages...

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to say "Hi" before you go. :)

Can't forget our mascot!!! The official Nevada thread chicken mascot is.... (drumroll).... TADA! MAMA!!!!

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Well, not Nevada per se, but I go to college in Vegas and commute to my home in Arizona (when I can). There are lots of chickens here, just haven't found anything fancy. This state is laid out, I mean LAID OUT, and one guy in a Parhump and another in Sandy Valley have chickens, but that is an hour away!
I'm about 60 miles along I-80 in CA. I get to Reno fairly often to visit my brother who lives there. Are you looking for chickens or just chickenfolk?

Right now I'm just looking for chicken folk. Originally I was looking to share an order of Ameraucanas but that order has been filled now. It would be nice to know of more folks close to me to buy/sell from or just talk chickens. My hubby and I go by Dutch Flat often on our way to see our kids and grandkids. Although I try to avoid the pass when the weather's not great. What elevation are you at there?


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