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    Oct 5, 2013
    We have a little bantam hen named Dill. She generally lays every other day. She is currently our only Bantam in that pen so it's pretty obvious which eggs are hers. My daughter, Sarah, collected the eggs today after the last girl left the box and Dill left us a cute one as usual. They start laying around 7 am and we collect late afternoon. The girls have all had a three or four month vacation due to molting and the crappy dark days we have had since September. No eggs at all for months. We added a light to the coop three weeks ago to perk them up and they loved it. They were all squatting for us within the week and behaving like cats in heat. The eggs started flying out, one per hen per day (except Dill every other day) and the girls seem much happier.
    Around seven tonight my daughter went out to the coop and she said all the standard girls ran over and squatted for her, asking to get ruffed up. She tousled their tail for them and then went and gave our bantam Dill a good tail scritch as well. Dill was already roosting up in the top of the aviary but she crouched when she saw my daughter coming. Sarah said as soon as she tussled her tail and back ( a little more gently since she was up off the ground) Dill stood up straight on the branch, squeezeded her eyes shut, strained for a minute and popped out an egg into my daughters hand. It has no shell and is rubbery like a water balloon. I think it would have been tomorrow morning's egg if she had passed it normally. It obviously wasn't ready. Even tomorrow morning would have been early for her since she lays on alternate days. Just wondering if my daughter going outside to mess with the hens caused her to lay early for some reason or if it was an odd egg that would have been passed and just dropped to the ground whether my daughter was there or not. The girls have always used the boxes so this was a complete surprise. She said Dill was just relaxing until she got in the coop and then she seemed like she was trying really hard to lay that egg for her. Weirdest thing ever. This is our Dill.
    No idea what kind she is. She came with a batch of chicks that someone couldn't keep.

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    Well, whatever Dill is, she's cute!

    I think that if this was a one-time thing, then it was just a 'bad' egg. All laying hens have em now and again. I have one hen (not sure which) who lays for say 6 days, then doesn't lay for 3, then lays 2 in the same day. I wouldn't worry TOO much about it, especially if your daughter going into the pen is a normal occurrence.

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