New 6 wk pullet has Eye Problem - Please Help!

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    Nov 10, 2016
    Westchester County NY
    Hi, I just got this EE we've named "Candy" from mypetchicken 2 days ago on Thursday. It's companion SLW only made it 1 day - died sometime early Friday morning. I wonder if maybe it was due to the 2 days it took to get here thru the post office? In any event, Candy was doing ok, until yesterday I noticed it had its 1 eye shut. It's been eating and drinking fine. I've had it indoors in a crate with pine shavings and fresh water and crumbles. She's crazy for mealworms that I gave her as a treat. Basically, she seems otherwise healthy. I didn't want to put it outside yet since it's been a bit cold in NY, and it doesn't have a friend to cuddle up with at night. She does open the eye occasionally. I can't tell if she can actually see anything out of that eye.

    Anyway, can someone please take a look at these pictures and tell me what's wrong and what I should do? I tried rinsing it with saline. She did not like that at all!! I really don't want to lose this chicken. My kids are already heartbroken from losing the SLW. Thank you!
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    Apr 13, 2014
    Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you, but I would like to follow the thread to see how things turn out for her. I'm sorry about your SLW. I just lost a SLW chick last week and I was pretty bummed about it.

    I wish your EE the best. That eye looks sore. [​IMG]

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