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Good morning
I'm new to raising chickens, I have 3 Rhode Island reds and 3 white longhorns(I think). I lost one of the whites yesterday now today one of the reds don't look good. Is this common? I've had them a week today.

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No, this is not normal. Something must be a miss in your brooder or there is an illness going around in the brooder. Usually too much heat or not enough heat is the culprit for dying babies. You should have started your brooder temp at around 95 degrees for hatchlings. Thermometer on the floor directly beneath the heat source, and heat source off to one side, feed and water off on the other. Do not cover the brooder with anything but wire or screen for good heat and oxygen exchange. The first day, you should have dipped everybody's beak in the water so they not only got a drink of water before eating, but they will know where the water is stored. Paper towels laid down and chick starter sprinkled all around the floor near the feeder so they could find the feed. 1/2 to 1 square foot per baby. Each week you are going to lower the temp by 5 degrees for 6 weeks.

This is the basics. See if anything here can be changed in your brooder to help stop the dying. Keep us posted!
great to have you joining the BYC flock

Try some hard boiled egg's peal the shell and mash egg then
serve to your chickens as all the Vitamins they need is in the
egg and do the once in the morning then in the evening for
about 4 days ......
They are chicks I've had them a week. After reading raising chicks from all of you, I realize I don't have them in a big enough space. So I'm going to fix that, I'm using shredded news paper for bedding is that bad.
I would go with something more absorbent than newspaper as it is going to hold all the wet poop. You can use pine shavings, grass hay or even raise them on hardware cloth. 1/4 inch to start and by 2 or 3 weeks you can go with 1/2 inch. I always raise my babies on hardware cloth. I raise the wire up and the poop all falls thru to the bottom of the brooder. Very sanitary for the babies and helps to prevent cocci while still being able to develop immunity.
Hello :frow And Welcome To BYC! Sorry about the chicks you have lost, you've gotten some good advice from TwoCrows, hope the rest of the chicks do well.

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