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I have 3 day old bantams. They are inside the coop with mamma with straw bedding, window closed at night. Temps are dropping to anywhere between 40 and 50 degrees, then back up to 60-70 during day. My question is do I need to set up the heat lamp now for night time due to their age even though they are under mamma?
It wouldn't hurt to put a heat lamp up.

The mamma hen can keep them warm, but it never hurts to be on the safe side.
Im interested in this thread. I don't want to take over this thread just ad to it
after the chicks grow a little do you need the heat lamp? say when they don't all fit under mama anymore?
Im planning on separating a part of my coop for breeding purposes only, insulated, with access to the rest of the coop for when its not in use. Is there any reason why I could not hatch chicks in the winter months this way?
I just posted about this. I have 2 chicks that are 12 days old and they roam around the yard with their mama all day and sleep under her wings at night. Their mama seemed to want to stay inside and sit on them until they became about a week old and got some wing feathers. Now she's desperate to get out and scratch when I open the coop up in the morning. It ranges from 50 - 80 degrees when they're out, and they seem fine, but I'm a little worried that they may get too cold. They have wing feathers, but that's it.
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