10 Years
May 2, 2009
Woods, TX
I hatched 9 of 12 BCM's I picked up from RUTH in Mississippi. I drove them across Louisiana back to Texas. Didn't want to take a chance. I had 18 BLRW's shipped across country, 1 hatched at day 23 with some help after 36 hours of piping. 2 of the BLRW eggs were broke on arrival so I knew the PO did a number on them. The one that hatched is about the only that developed at all. This breeder has a good rep and all the blame rests on the post office. That is the chance you take with shipped eggs. I had to make sure the lone BLRW was in the pic's.



This is just to show the Maran eggs.

Hi Colby - I don't know how I missed this thread earlier. It's like seeing pics of my grandbabies. They are so cute. I'm thrilled you had a great hatch. I'm hearing 8 or 9 out of 12 from most people who bought my eggs.

I have now bought my flock's parents - your chicks grandparents. I bought all of Jesse (Black Copper King) Bryant's flock of BCMs so now I have even darker eggs and lots more BCMs (32 more). I'll be selling chicks in two weeks and selling their eggs as well.

I was having a problem with the peacocks, who were raised with the Marans, getting in their open run coop and eating the eggs as they were laid. Your order, as you remember, was hard to fill and I wasn't able to get you as many as you wanted. So now, I don't have to worry about my original flock's egg production because I bought the mamas and daddies and built a fenced/secure run that the peacocks can't get in. So now I'm getting two dozen eggs a day.

If you need more, just let me know. You can pick them up on your next run through this area.

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