New Babies!!!Love them all!


Silkie Daddy
9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Just received my new babies from Vickie at Sunshine Silkies!!!! They are just precious
I have always wanted silkies of good quality, but have only been able to afford hatchery silkies(all silkies are cute and soft and I love my hatchery silkies too) Would look on the internet and see people who raised show quality silkies, but they were always in faraway places like California, etc. Shipping was the main thing that kept me from purchasing those silkies. Was so surprised and excited to find a breeder of show quality silkies only a short trip away! Only took me a little while to drive to meet Vickie in Lake City and didn't have to pay shipping. Will definitely do business with Vickie in the future and can't wait to see these babies grow and have babies of their own.
Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon. Need to find my sister's camera so I can.....Hopefully I will find it.....Anything of hers has a chance of never being seen again

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