New Bantams!


8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Crossville, Tennessee
My new little bantams. Got the pair for 10.00. She is already laying her heart out and trying to go broody, lol. Were getting another pair from this lady on Tuesday! He is so teeny weeny, lol.

My other new ones!

And these too! We got more just dont have pictures. these are in quarantine before getting moved to the pasture. They are so very tiny. I love her spots!

Mine I hatched out. Dominiques, white rocks and RIR. Also a speckled sussex.

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Beautiful Birds!
That first photo of the rooster is beautiful! Looks like your flock is on the grow!
Thanks! The poor lady had to sell her birds because her hubby had heart surgery. I am gonna let her have a whole passel of babies if she ever wants to get more. If we had gotten there sooner, we could have stocked up on all sorts of livestock for really cheap and she could have had the option to get free babies from them in the future. :-(

He is so protective of his little ens, LOL. A real rooster!

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